Eucharistic Adoration

Perpetual Adoration in Assumption Chapel

Adorers Needed!

We currently have available spots for hours of adoration. Please contact the 


if you would like to fill one of the following spots:

  • Monday 12 pm

  • Tuesday 1 pm

  • Wednesday 10 am

  • Friday 11 am

  • Saturday 1 pm 3 pm 4 pm

This information is updated as of January 9, 2021.

Jesus is currently Exposed with a limit of 4 adorers, please do come!

Perpetual Adoration is currently offered by our community and held in the Assumption Chapel,

located at 103 Railroad Avenue, St. Martinville, Louisiana, 70582.

For more information, please contact  the Adoration Coordinator.

Eucharistic adoration is the act of worshiping God as He is present in the consecrated Eucharist.  Spending time before the Blessed Sacrament, in prayer and devotion, is exactly the same as spending time before the living God.  

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