Vocational Discernment Program


What is the Vocational Discernment Program?

The CJC discernment program is open to any man or woman 18 years and older who is serious about discerning a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious life. The discernment resident lives with the Priest, Brothers or Sister Servants of Jesus Crucified and follows their way of life while receiving formation in the spiritual life. The program runs from September 1 - December 15 (fall semester), February 1 - May 15 (spring semester), and June 1 - August 15 (summer semester). The discernment resident can be a full-time student or hold full-time employment. He or she may also stay full-time with the community for the program, in such case the resident would participate in manual labor and apostolate during the day. The resident remains at CJC when not in studies or at work and follows the horarium and rule of life. A person can remain in the discernment program for a single semester, for two, or for up to one year. At that point or before he should have some clarity on what God desires of him or her and should be prepared to pursue their specific vocation in the Church. 

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Vocational Discernment

How to Apply

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