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CJC Priests and Brother Servants

A Brief Description of the Community of Jesus Crucified
and its Priests and Brother and Sister Servants

The Community of Jesus Crucified was founded in the Diocese of Lafayette in 1986. Members of the CJC consecrate their lives to serve a wounded humanity and to assist those persons on earth who do not yet live a life of union with Jesus in grace. They offer their joys and sufferings in union with the sufferings and passion of the Crucified Christ to the Father for the sake of the wounds of His Body, the Church.

This charism of the wounded Christ which members of the CJC strive to live is the"fleshing out" in their lives the words of St. Paul (Col. 1:24), "In my own body, I make up for what is lacking in the sufferings of Christ for the sake of His Body, the Church." By their vows, members of the CJC participate in the dying dispositions of Jesus Crucified.

The Community recognizes Mary, our Mother of Sorrows, as the model contemplative and chooses her as the first and perpetual superior of the Community of Jesus Crucified.

The praying heart of the Community of Jesus Crucified is its residential community, the Sisters and Priests and Brother Servants of Jesus Crucified. They participate in the dying dispositions of Jesus as hung dying on the Cross by their religious consecration. They are inserted into the lay community as the “praying heart” through their common and personal prayer and by prayer before the Blessed Sacrament. The Priests and Brother and Sister Servants are primarily involved in spiritual formation and ministry to the sick and dying. They also accept secondary apostolic activities when possible in the dioceses where they are located, preferably unmet needs.

The Priests and Brother and Sister Servants of Jesus Crucified are contemplative missionaries who strive for a contemplative union with Jesus Crucified through prayer and work. They live a common life, chant the Liturgy of the Hours in common, have daily adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and assume vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. In addition to their service to the lay members, the priests are much involved in preaching, and the religious are involved in teaching, ministry to the sick and dying, spiritual direction and directing retreats. They also assist local diocesan clergy with parish programs and the priests give assistance with Masses in local parishes. The priests of the Community of Jesus Crucified are presently incardinated in the Diocese of Lafayette. For information contact:


Fr. Michael Champagne, CJC
Community of Jesus Crucified
103 Railroad Avenue
St. Martinville, LA 70582
(337) 394-6550

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